Commission on a Custom Painting

Now that I have successfully mastered the skill of painting with wine, I am able to offer commissions using your favourite red wine!

If you would like a custom painting or portrait by me, I would be honoured to be your artist!

Each Custom Painting will receive multiple coats of archival spray as well as 2-3 coats of museum quality varnish. They will be custom framed and housed behind non-glare conservation clear glass (protects against 99% UV Rays) and archival matting.


  1. Contact or email me at & please include:

    1. The size of painting you would like

    2. The image you would like recreated or a rough idea of what you would like

    3. The wine that you wish to have painted with

  2. The pricing will depend on the difficulty level

  3. The process of painting your piece will begin. (it will take hours to complete and if you request I can provide progress images as I go for you to see)

  4. When the painting is complete I will send you a separate invoice for shipping

  5. Then your custom artwork will be on its way to you!

    1. Note: option to have piece professionally scanned with giclee replicas offered if interested.